I was born in Hong Kong and obtained my degrees in Melbourne, Australia. During the time of study, I had a simple & natural life and all my designs are come from these two elements.

My father has been trading gemstones material for over 35 years, due to his affection, I began to love beading since I was young and especially love using gemstones to create clean yet elegance jewelry. I like to use the colorful beads in my designs as it gives happy, sweet & romantic feelings.

At the beginning, making jewelry was my hobby only and since I met my Japanese teacher, I have learnt so much from her not only skills but also giving me a lot of inspirations. Combining my love to beading, and the entrepreneurial spirit, "Petite Foret" was born.

I am a military wife currently live in Hong Kong with my supportive husband and beautiful daughter! Your vision will become clear only when you look into.....

I like travel & source my favorite materials I enjoy using such as semi precious stones, czech beads, natural shell, plastic, ribbon, leather & so on that can share with you.

Besides this, our production team in China that can supply retailer & wholesale market.

Shop "Petite Foret" for creative, unique and fun artist made jewelry & accessory!
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